2020 Farm List

Register here for a 2020 Harvest Share...Welcome to the Farm-ily, we can't wait to feed you!

A special note from your farmer related to COVID-19 effects on health and community:
Thank you for supporting our farm in unprecedented times, and for trusting us to keep you healthy and well-fed.
You can be confident that we are monitoring public health updates and are committed to best practices and distribution methods.

It's never felt more important to grow quality, safe, local food that goes directly from our farm to your home, and we can't wait to provide you with the first salads and veggie snacks of the season.

-Naomi and the Four Beat Farm crew
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Choose the option that seems like a good fit. We will check in with you directly in May and can make changes if needed (i.e. if you're not sure if you'll be working from home or not).
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